Current retail order processing time is 5-10 business days. Preorders will take longer- please refer to our Facebook group for preorder updates
**Pre-Orders** AFAM Round 17 Feb. 23rd-March 9th – Affordable Fabrics and More

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**Pre-Orders** AFAM Round 17 Feb. 23rd-March 9th

All items in this category are pre-ordered. NOTHING WILL SHIP IMMEDIATELY.  Estimated production for each print/round is 3-6 weeks and will be shipped from the printer to the group owner via private courier to avoid lengthy shipping duration. Our goal is to have all orders cut, packaged and shipped within 14 days of receipt. This time may vary based on the size of the order. Overall potential delays include: Issues at printer (printing/fabric/equipment/packaging), shipping delays, fabric flaws, personal emergency (group owner is one person and a Mom to 4- if there is an emergency, there is at least a few local resource able to step in and cut/fill/ship orders). *

Please read the member agreement form in the Facebook group for more info. 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS : Shipping will be billed when the fabric comes in :) This ensures I get the cheapest rate.